About us

Foxy Sweetie are a family of candy lovers with extensive skill sets in hospitality, events, marketing and design.

We aim to deliver high end and quality candy, packaging with flexible customisation, exciting events and exceptional customer service.We don’t just bring the wow factor… we bring the sweet pa-pow!

Our candy and packaging are sourced and produced in-house, locally and from around the globe to enhance your promotion, trade fair, thank you gift, wedding favour – or anything your wee pumping heart desires.

Custom created candies are available in your chosen flavours, colours and shapes, along with custom printing and embellishments to take your sweetie to the next sugar high.

Foxy Sweetie are also mindful folks.  Our cellophane packaging is recyclable and we opt for paper / card  packaging where possible.  Plastic items are chosen for their reusable purposes and our courier bags are biodegradable 🙂


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