Candy floss, a whimsical Wedding Treat

Cotton candy, candy floss, fairy floss or as we like to call it ‘Lush Fluff’, is an iconic sweet treat with many names,
but one thing’s for sure, you’ll wow guests with made-to-order gourmet ‘fluff’ spun on the spot. 

Although always a welcome treat at your local fair and birthday celebration, Lush Fluff (candy floss) has had a bit
of a revival lately, transforming into a gourmet  adult treat at weddings, bridal parties and corporate events.

There are some seriously fun ways to include this chic trend into your big day and we’ve rounded up a few of our
favourites to help inspire. Evoke some whimsical fun and delight but best of all enjoy the fluffy flavours!

~Wedding Favours~ 


~Cocktails & Champagne Garnishes~

If you’re interested in a lush fluff experience, pre-packaged favours or garnish fluff, give us a
hola or book now for your upcoming event here

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