Top 6 Reasons to use Promotional Candy

From our experience, branded confectionery is often underestimated and overlooked when it comes to promotions.  People feel it’s been done too many times before, or that it doesn’t have the long-lasting visibility of other promotional products.

The uses for candy gifts are endless, corporate events, trade shows, weddings, baby showers, graduations, retirement parties, birthday parties, anniversaries – mainly because personalised candy is such a cost effective and enjoyable gift!

Personalised candy can fit any demographic and regardless of the campaign you’re running, promo candy always makes cheerful giveaway.   Based on your needs or budget, you can choose the right sweets to spread brand awareness and create a positive interaction with potential clients.

Six top reasons to use promotional sweets:

1. They boost brand awareness

Promotional sweets do more than show appreciation; they also remind people about your brand. More and more brands are looking at creative ways to increase awareness by using promotional merchandise, and confectionery is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways of doing this.

One of the greatest benefits of promotional confectionery products is that they are unobtrusive, and are not really viewed as advertising.

2. They’re memorable

Everyone loves confectionery and using unusual shapes, flavours or retro items supply countless possibilities for a fun way to be memorable.

3. They’re bespoke

With the ability to customise the design, flavour and colour, confectionery promotional products offer a tremendous amount of flexibility to promote your brand. You can pop your sweets in wrappers, boxes or jars designed to match your corporate pantones.

Product packaging for confectionery offer a fantastic printing area for your logo and brand messages. You can impress even more by having your logo and brand name imprinted into the sweet or have your logo created into it’s very own gummy candy. 

4. They’re versatile

Branded sweets can be used as giveaways on reception desks and at events, create a buzz at internal meetings, or as ‘thank you’ gifts.

They’re widely known to be effective in drawing crowds to exhibition stands and are a great way of breaking the ice and starting conversations.

Sweets are an effective gift for people at every level too, whether they are passers-by on the street or the managing director of a major company. Few other promotional giveaways – or promotional tools of any kind – rival confectionery in terms of either its effectiveness or the breadth of its reach.

5. They’re economical

Promotional confectionery is one of the most economical promotional products.  You can find a range of products to suit any budget, and they become more cost-effective when bought in bulk.

6. They can be personalised

Using a personal touch to show you understand and value your clients can give you a competitive edge. Individual names can be printed on your sweets or chocolate bars and you can add a message to tailor the product to any occasion.




What candy should we choose?

There is an enormous variety of candy now available but not all are equal in the eyes of the consumer.  Your candy choice and colours are important to maximise your brand and message.   Jelly beans are a classic and with a wide range of colours, can be matched to your branding colours or event colour palette and are great for those with a limited budget but if you can extend your spend, go for a single coloured M&M, a unique flavoured gummy bear or a fun and bougie candy.  You can always up the anti from a promo bag to a mini candy jar, test tube or cube – the packaging options also endless.

Bite sized candy and cookies are tasty and impactful morsel.  Pop on a logo and start giving them away!  These also look great piled high in a candy buffet or additional ‘stuffers’ in gift boxes and hampers.

Lollipops are another great option but cheap is not always cheerful.   A 20c lollipop is cost effective but not always nice to eat.    A little extra will go a long way with regards to how you’re perceived.   A hand pulled lollipop with a unique flavour or created to your brand colours will look far more impressive and are still cost effective.

Custom chocolate bars are a great way to start conversation and are a proven way to promote your business or brand. Easy to brand or include a message and look great in theme for holiday seasons and events.



Promotional candy provides a great way to expose your logo and brand name with a fun and fresh product.  Foxy Sweetie strive to offer  unique gifts and candy promotional items that fit and lift your campaign or event.  Let’s break the candy mould and surprise and entice your clients and guests!


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