Dessert Station ideas for every Wedding

When it comes to dessert ideas for your wedding, the options are endless. From cupcakes, donuts to macarons and tarts, it can be incredibly difficult to narrow down what to serve. But the beauty of planning your wedding, and deciding exactly what you and your partner want, means you don’t have to choose just one treaty.  That’s where candy / dessert stations are so much fun!

There are so many options out there, but ultimately it’s all about finding an aesthetic and flavours that work for you.  
Read on for a few ideas to keep in mind and a little inspiration:


Colour Scheme

Create a stunning display based on your wedding colour palette
All-white desserts with splashes of gold and green, purple hues with flavours of lavender, neutral tones for boho inspired or a fiesta of colours for a vibrance and noise.



Keep it small but pack a punch

A petite station can be perfect for a smaller wedding.
Keep it simple with a few of your favourites or opt for a grazing variety.
Let it be a thoughtful gesture, a little treaty tickle…



Make a statement

Create an exciting event feature with your display, dessert or candy.
Whether it’s themed, big and bold, custom made candy or bougie extravagance, make it memorable, exciting and a post event conversation piece.



Make it personal

Pair homestyle cookies with nostalgic candies and childhood favourite desserts. Guests become apart of your journey, the things you both love and the people these treats are connected to. Nothing says love like Nana’s choc chip cookies!



Mix it up

We love the idea of having it all, cake, candy and individual desserts!
And to be honest, who wouldn’t be excited by a variety of heavenly treats?!
Items don’t need to be expensive, just thoughtfully displayed.



Whichever route you take, have fun with the taste testing!

Photo credits:  Corina V. Photography, Cari Courtright, The Everlasting Photo, Valorie DarlingHannah Costello,

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