Corporate Christmas Gift Guide

Done right, gifts help to strengthen existing relationships and develop new ones, but not all gifts carry the same weight. A gift should ideally show your customer that you’re thankful for their custom and that they are valued, so what are a few things to avoid this festive season.

The Random

A gift that has no purpose or sense of belonging says exactly that! A gift simply because you feel obligated results in a lack lustre and tone deaf Christmas presents. This doesn’t tend to build relationships – it harms them.  It only shows that you don’t know your clients well enough or you simply don’t care.

The Practical

Pens, brochures, and notepads with your logo on them are certainly practical but are they exciting to receive? You give these items away for free at other promotional occasions and that says exactly what they are for  – a promo for more business! Tone it down, it’s not all about you beau.

Wrong Audience

If your client runs a software, technology or digital marketing company, another branded umbrella is probably not going to kick it.  Consider your audience and don’t waste your money on something they are obviously not going to use.

The Hierarchical Gift

Now we all know that some clients spend more than others with you but be aware,  If you have ‘special gifts’ for your larger, more profitable clients, they are likely to take a picture of it, tweet it / Instagram it and say thanks for all your ‘tier two’ clients to view.

Sending Christmas presents to your clients takes time and effort. Don’t waste it and squander the opportunity to spread some good ole’ festive love and appreciation.  2020 has been a hard year for most and a little goes a long way.

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